Community Education Academy of Leadership 


CEAL is an award-winning NGO delivering innovative services to children, young people, 

adults and diverse communities in inner city areas to help achieve their true  potential.

Our Mission


“To offer world class Leadership support services to all sections of the communities including young people".


Our Ethos   


  •  Promote confidence, self-awareness and respect for others;

  •  Raise the awareness of parents and the local community;

  •  Identify closely with various community and school sectors;

  •  Foster equal opportunities and give recognition to diverse  cultures;

  •  Encourage genuine dialogue with the community;

  •  Identify specific needs and establish collective strategy;

  •  Involve a variety of agencies in the delivery process.


CEAL’s Community Excellence Model (CEM)


The organisation delivers services using the Community Excellence Model (CEM) which is underpinned by the core values and strategic pillars below: -


(A) Cultural Sensitivity – our services are adapted for beneficiary-users from different socio-economic and other type backgrounds. A sensitivity analysis is done via a Personal Action Plan mapping both strengths and weaknesses of individuals.


(B) Special Assemblies – events in which parents, teachers and the wider community interact with each other to discuss topical issues regarding local areas and/or share in particular festivities or other.


(C) Social Entrepreneurship – providing services such as information, advice, guidance and enterprise support training to enable communities including young people to develop employability/enterprise-related skills. These services are aimed at making residents competitive in the labour market.


(D) Stakeholding – creating strategic partnerships with statutory/non-statutory bodies to support essential services delivery aimed at disadvantaged groups though not exclusively.


(E) Heritage Synergy – maximising the influence and power of local communities and practitioners to encourage and promote heritage history. 


(F) Funding Resources – creative utilisation of local, city and national funding, along with contributions of social capital to deliver programs based on contract specification.


Employability Action

About this project:


The LEAD project supports young people aged 16-24.  It will help develop their personal skills, employment aptitude and business/enterprise acumen. 



  • Link beneficiaries to community services and work based training incentives/apprenticeships.

  • To help reduce unemployment in the Ladywood District.



  • Young person aged 16-18, not in education or employment.

  • Young person living within Birmingham Local Authority and the Ladywood District.


What’s on offer?

  • Professional qualified tutors, facilitators and business advisers;

  • Employment Engagement Mentor;

  • On-site delivery where applicable;

  • LEAD Engagement SMART activities; and  

  • One-to-one mentoring and IAG.


LEADS PROJECT OBJECTIVES for eligible young people.

  • A range of support/training workshops;

  • Access to Work Tasters;

  • Access to work experiences/ volunteering;

  • Access to employment/tasters and opportunities;

  • Accessing apprenticeships; and  

  • Employment opportunities.


Harminder Bhogal & Dr. Johnson with young project participants. 

Current Activities 

Our  European Social Funded  (ESF) project commenced in June 2017 since then we have worked diligently with 45  individuals from the Black Country sub-region. We are pleased to report that 10 of the project beneficiaries have progressed on to gainful employment  further education and voluntary  programmes..


Testimonies of the Project beneficiaries. 



'' I got more out of the  support  than I thought I would, Thankyou CEAL''.  Pauline Peters

(Sandwell resident) 

"I can see my idea now turning into a fully fledged business plan.  The  one to one mentoring  has been crucial in the business development model". 

Darren McDonald - Project beneficiary (West Bromwich)

''Lots of people have lost faith in the system, what they need is to be treated like human beings instead of just numbers, no one has ever sat with me  before and offered the one to one support like CEAL has''. 

Project Beneficiary (Sandwell resident) 


CEAL  launched  The Anatomy of British South Asian Enterprise. The launch was  held on the 13th December and was hosted  by The Kaleidoscope  Group at the  Hawthorns House.  The book launch attracted scores of professionals and community civic leaders alike.  Professor Monder Ram OBE  (Birmingham University) and Arif Ali (Hansib Publishers) were the 2 key note speakers. The event was chaired by CEAL  Manager, Harminder Kaur Bhogal.

The launch of this historic book is one of the key milestones in the history of CEAL especially since, the book is authored by the Chair of CEAL, Dr. Christopher A Johnson.  The book is first of its kind and it not only features the British Bangladeshis, Indians and Pakistanis but includes the social and economic contribution of Afghanis, Nepalese and Sri Lankans as well as younger entrepreneurs. 

This book is for anyone interested in history, diaspora,  heritage, social sciences, employment issues, international relations, business education, policy and education. See more 

To own your copy of the book, click below  to order.   We look forward to your reviews.

We are in the Asian World News

We are on page 6 in The Phoenix:

We are in The Asia Today:  Praise for Ethnic Enterprise Bursts onto Literary Scene by Sheena Ramchurn.






About this Project:


Healthy children achieve better in education 


The aims  of the School-Based  SHA program is to work closely with children and families in the local  schools to reduce multiple barriers to optimal health.


We are working with St James Primary School in Oldbury to help support both parents and children with making healthier choices around health and well-being. The project is funded by Sandwell Council's Healthier Towns Initiative.  

School Health Action (SHA) 
Local  Employability Skills (LES) 

About this Project:

Aimed at  residents of Sandwell the course aims to equip  unemployed  with pathways to education and training.

The project ran successfully at  the St James primary, Bleakhouse Library and Hawthorns House. 


How much sugar is hiding in your food?

Dr Alison Tedstone, the chief nutritionist at Public Health England, said: "Children have far too much sugar, and a lot of it is before their first lesson of the day.

"It's crucial for children to have a healthy breakfast, but we know the mornings in a busy household can be fraught."

 Health workshops at St James Primary School. 

Parents at St James Primary School  preparing healthy meals

Parents at St. James Primary School  achievements  recognised in whole school assembly.  The delighted head teacher standing on the left. 

Learners are encouraged to self evaluate as part of their learning.  

LES  project in Action 

"I identified new approaches to interviews and writing a CV " Lorraine Cruikshank

"The one to one mentoring helped me a lot, I feel more confident about my abilities despite my disability"  Anita Joseph 

IAG session with younger learners  at the Bleakhouse library 

Learners actively  engaged. 

Feedback reflects excellence teaching and learning. 

Parent write about the skills gained and share feedback  with the rest of the learners. 

"The tutors were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, skilled, supportive and brilliant"

Sereeta Nevers 

"Very interesting, going into new depths and insights" 

Sereeta Nevers 

"My grandchildren were so excited to see me and their mom  learn in their school"

Bobbie Tyers (grandmother) 

"The LES programme has helped me enter into the job market, the tutors gave me lots of support"

Jaswinder Kaur 

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