We were set up in 2002 as a network of schools known as Community Education  Association of Ladywood. Later, the organisation was renamed Community Education Academy of Leadership, registered as both a Company Limited by Guarantee (2010) and Charity (2011). We have a track record of delivering publicly-funded programs for disadvantaged communities in Birmingham and The Black Community sub-region.


Since 2010, CEAL has undergone a major restructuring process, with the appointment of a Board of Directors who possess professional experience and expertise in various disciplines. The Board is responsible for offering advice, guidance and towards CEAL’s strategic goals.



Community Education Academy of Leadership signifies the following:


C- community, culture, cognition and character.

E- education, economic, environmental and engender.

A- academy, ability, astute, amiable, adapt and attract.

L- learning, leadership, longevity and legitimisation.



Dr Christopher A. Johnson 

Policy  Research

Glenys Jones

Education Specialist


Shivarjan Singh

Youth Representative

Devinder Singh Riat

Head Teacher/Consultant 

Mike Tromans 

Head Teacher (School Adviser) 

Members of STAFF
Harminder K Bhogal 
 Project Manager
Ruth Edgcumbe
Angel  Dawkins (Field Worker) 
Ranbir Kaur
Textiles Workshop Tutor  & Field Worker 
Our Supporters and Partners