This book profiles the impact of not only Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi business success, but it offers fascinating insights into the wealth creation of Afghanis, Nepalese and Sri Lankans combined.  The book explores challenges and opportunities for South Asian firms as well as other minority ethnic businesses in the UK.

This book is a second in the series by the author, Dr. Christopher A Johnson who also published the award -winning, ‘British Caribbean Enterprises: A Century of Challenges and Successes’ (2008).  This book chronicled the contribution of British Caribbean firms  from 1907.

‘’The Anatomy of British South Asian Enterprise is for those interested in  social cohesion, history, heritage,  policy makers, universities, colleges,  researchers, professionals, enterprise development, International Business Management and other business education.

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Principal Simon Topper of Sandwell Academy (Sports & Enterprise) was pleased to receive his signed copy of the book. He gave an undertaking to purchase the book for the Academy’s library, Business and Citizenship Studies Units. “I can see how this book can benefit our students, teachers and other staff of the academy”.

The Editor of Bangla Mirror, Mr. Abdul Mohammed Ghoni. "I am enthralled by the Bangladeshi chapter, I can see you have worked hard. The  Bangladeshi family unit is still strong and it helps the businesses".

Managing Editor of Des Pardes,  Sarbjit Sing Virk, received his copy of the book.  His newspaper magazine is  one of the foremost publications in the South Asian community (UK & Europe)

“As someone in the publication business, I can see the level of research  that went into this; this book was long overdue”.  

Suman Marriage Bureau's Director, Parag Bhargava is successful businessman and a civic leader, who continues to run a customer-friendly and professional services.

Mr and Mrs Bhargava with the author. “The younger generation will learn a lot from the history of businesses and the challenges and successes of business and industry". (17th January 2017)

One of our third generation legal luminaries Sandia Pamma, excitedly welcomed the copy of the book.  “ I am so proud, we needed this for a long time. I am sure so many people will benefit from this publication”.   


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