About this Project:


  • To increase the participation of BME women in chemistry-related activities.

  • To provide a wider audience, an increased knowledge, of chemistry related-facts.

  • To engage and up skill potential chemistry leaders with knowledge and experience of working with and inspiring diverse non-academic female communities.

The Sandwell Heritage Icons Empowerment 


         About this Project:


  • Profile the heritage contribution of South Asian women to Sandwell’s textile industry from the 1960s -2000.

  • Preserve the memories of the local textiles heritage by capturing women’s input to this industry sector.

  • Record oral histories of 30 Sandwell residents.


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Clothes are
Regeneration Enterprise Development Skills

Parents as Social Entrepreneurs Project

About this Project:


Offers parents the opportunity to acquire enterprise-related skills and the right set of attitudes to either start a business or secure employment. This project was first delivered in 3 Birmingham schools, West Midlands.

















About this Project:


This project  set in  Wolverhampton captured an interest of scores of people.  The project comprised inductions. job preparation skills, CV preparation, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, money management, conflict resolution, customer care and IT



The Business
Enterprise Education
Parental Enterprise Development

About this Project:


• Offer IAG, employability training, job search support and a celebratory event on project completion;

• Enable parents to realise their aspirations through showcasing their talent and ability;

• Improve job prospects such as employability skills training/job search assistance;

• Provide confidence building and self-esteem techniques support;

• Support individual beneficiary higher achievement standards and vocational learning; and

• Facilitate the delivery of workshops/work trials and one to one support for beneficiaries.

About this Project:

This project is aimed at offering children and young people aged 8 to 16 plus opportunities to acquire enterprise and job-related skills whilst preparing them for future employment opportunities. Our enterprise projects for young people support children's functional literacy, numeracy and analytical, skills. Youngsters learn about their environment, gain team building skills and understand social cohesion. The project has been piloted in different schools in the West Midlands with both headteachers and teachers showing an overwhelming appreciation, and agreeing that enterprise education is an essential tool in preventing future NEETs.





      About this Project:


  • Offer residents in Heath Town (Wolverhampton), Smethwick (Sandwell) and Pleck (Walsall) a chance to access quality information,  advice and guidance on opportunities.

  • Relevant employability training and job search support based on the identified needs of beneficiaries.

We achieved the following objectives:


In the first phase of the project from the (project start to the midpoint visit) we  worked in Wolverhampton and Smethwick to do the following:


  • Induction- Programme involving faith and community organisations comprising 400 residents combined in Heath Town (Wolverhampton) and Smethwick (Sandwell).  We helped to foster community engagement for beneficiaries through partnerships with faith, community groups, libraries, community centres and professional organisations.

  • Offered  IAG support to 29 residents (faith and community groups). This involved informing them about employability and enterprise opportunities in the local areas and the Black Country as a whole.  This also enabled beneficiaries and other local residents to make informed and intelligent decisions for work and career prospects.

  • Employability Training: 22 beneficiaries (48% of the total project residents) in Heath Town (Wolverhampton). This involved to date, Interpersonal Communication, Problem solving, IAG, Leadership and Critical Thinking, Communications & Teamwork and CV Writing Preparation (45%) of modules completed. Through these sessions, we were able to support higher achievement standards in vocational learning and employability access.

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