Workshops  for both Parents and Children together.

Early year intervention into preventing obesity. 

Educating the whole child. 



Business Education Enterprise Programme 

Organisational Development 

 Schools Healthy Life Styles

  • Mentoring – one-to-one-support to help clients achieve their potential and talent in their respective fields.

  • Information Advice Guidance – enables clients to access information on a variety of issues of interest to them.

  • Facilitating Start-ups – for micro and small-scale organisations.

  • Capacity Building Workshops – help to strengthen the capacity and capability of individuals and organisations.

  • Preparation for work based experience – work trials, tasters and the 

  • techniques needed for employment.

  • Work Life Balance Support – various approaches offered towards ensuring 

  • personal work life balance.

  • Skills in developing Employability for 14+ aimed at Secondary schools and 

  • Academies.


  • Parental Engagement programs: School Parents as Learners – a variety of adult education programs

  • Leadership and Management development

  • Enrichment programmes for schools

  • Women’s capacity building programs

  • Young people’s `Developing employability’ programs

  • Family Learning

  • Health Initiatives

  • Employment Initiatives

  • Heritage programmes























CEAL has an experienced Management Committee and a highly trained staff who possess quality academic and industry knowledge including enterprise training. We offer the following services to meet various client needs:

  • Management consultancy.

  • Enterprise training for children and adults.

  • Organisational Development.


Aimed at 8 years plus 

Raises aspiration from an early age

Preventative work with 'At Risk' NEET groups 

Developing business acumen 

Routes into viable employment opportunities 

Capacity Building 

Research and Marketing 

Bid writing 

Leadership and Management 

Project Management 

Monitoring and Evaluation



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